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My souls purpose is to help people "unlock their magic within." If you're putting together an event, workshop or festival, I offer soul-stirring sessions in Yoga, Breathwork, Dharma, and Chakra Activation, starting at just €100. Collaborating with me isn't just about lifting up your event—it's about coming together to broaden our horizons and spread a little more magic across the globe. I'll be there to cheer you on, sharing our journey on my social media, website, and through my marketing channels. Together, we can truly make a difference and bring more light and love into the world.

Also, if you're passionate about holistic practices, I’d love to connect! Perhaps you could be a guest on one of my luxury retreats. Together, we can dive deep and create truly unforgettable moments. Don't hesitate to reach out—I'm excited to connect and explore how we can grow and inspire together!

Collab Chat

15 minute FREE informal discussion of your needs. Let's discuss how I can support your event. Book my next available time below.

Cosmic Collaborators

  • NHS, UK  - Wellness for office staff to promote wellbeing in the workplace

  • Iain Reitze Boot Camps - Wellness sessions 

  • Southport Flower Show - Wellness Festival 

  • Enchanted Fields Festival 

  • Surf Retreat, Portugal - Wellness schedule 

  • Apollo Summit - Wellness for professional football players 

  • Nuovum - Corporate Wellness 

Workshops available - 

Breathwork and Metta Meditation 
Holotropic Breathwork to experience emotional and energetic release and inviting in an altered state of consciousness closing in Loving Kindness meditation 
A powerful and emotional practice
2 hour session €280

Discovering Your Dharma workshop 
Chloe will guide you gently to remember your soul's purpose, exploring beautiful methods of coming back to what you knew all along.   Experience meditations, journalling, EFT and energy work.  
You were born knowing, let yourself reconnect to the knowing.
2 hour session

Chakra Activation Workshop 
Embark on a journey through the 7 major Chakras, learning how to heal yourself, crafted to bring inner peace and personal power into your life. This course, perfect for those navigating the hustle of modern living, guides you through rejuvenating practices centered around the body's energy centers, or chakras. You will explore new ways to harmonise your energy, offering simple tools for stress relief and emotional well-being, helping you find balance and reconnect with your true self.  
2 hour session 

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