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Course Policy

We're all about good vibes, balance, and divine harmony. That's why our policies are made for clarity and a joyous relationship.

Virtual Zen Zone Vibe

Welcome to our virtual Zen zone, where the energies are high, and laughter chakras are activated! You don't need to levitate, just find a comfy spot to sit and get ready for some seriously fun enlightenment.

Quantum Tech Magic Tip

To join our cosmic gatherings, you don't need to bend time and space (unless you're a time traveler, then you're always welcome!). Just click your way to, and we'll whisk you away to the spiritual dimension.

Cosmic Guru Buffet

You'll be feasting on wisdom and good vibes. From mastering your inner guru to connecting with your spirit posse, there's a celestial smorgasbord of enlightenment waiting for you!

Soul Tribe Discount

You know the saying, "The more, the merrier"? Well, in our spiritual playground, the bigger your soul tribe, the bigger the cosmic discount! Gather your soul sisters and brothers for an out-of-this-world group enlightenment extravaganza!

Quantum Cancellation Rule

If you need to cancel your cosmic reservation, just let us know at least 48 hours before the event. Drop a cosmic email at and we'll gracefully flow with the universal energy of change.

Soulful Refund Policy

Missed a session? Cosmic winds sail onward; no refunds for missed workshops. Embrace the cosmic flow, your spirit journeying in harmony.

Karmic Cancellation Exception

Life's surprises are part of the divine plan, and karma sometimes has its own agenda. If unforeseen circumstances prevent you from joining us, just let us know as soon as you can. We'll explore the cosmic realm of compassion and see what we can do!

Universal Laughter Disclaimer

We're here to bring joy and growth, but if you're feeling cosmically unfulfilled after the workshop, let us know within 48 hours. Our spiritual hotline is open.

Soul Tribe Love Vibe

We're all one big soul tribe here, and your satisfaction is our cosmic mission. If there's anything you need help with or if you want to share the cosmic tale of your journey, we're all ears (and third eyes)!

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