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Uncover the truths about your Dharma as we dare to explore its depths.

Updated: Apr 23

Got a passion or calling that just feels right? That could be your Dharma talking. Dharma is our soul's purpose; we were born knowing what it is, and it is society and expectations that have made us forget. But you are here because you are ready to remember.

We can have more than one path to Dharma, and it can evolve over time. As a child, you may have always drawn pictures; then, in college, you studied beauty. Later, you got into painting, architecture, making beautiful buildings, or interior design. The Dharma was always creative or focused on bringing beauty into the world.

We are all unique and all have our roles to play. Ultimately, we connect to our Dharma to raise consciousness. Dharma is about expressing absolutely who you are in the moment, trusting that this is an evolving process of who you will become.

You were born knowing. Take time to slow down, meditate and journal to connect to your souls calling. The quieter the mind, the more you will hear. We are all on different stages of our Dharma, maybe this is the start of your journey as you are here reading this now, maybe you have known all your life - trust you are where you need to be right now.

Ultimately, your Dharma's purpose is to raise consciousness, and awaken ourselves and the world around us. What's your Dharma?

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