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One-on-one Policy

We're all about good vibes, balance, and divine harmony. That's why our policies are made for clarity and a joyous relationship.

Love and Hugs

First things first, big hugs and love to all our amazing clients! We're all about making you feel like a warm, fuzzy unicorn snuggled up in a cloud. We promise to listen, support, and cheer you on as you embark on your holistic journey.

Top-Secret Shenanigans

Your privacy is sacred to us! We guard your personal info like it's the secret recipe for cosmic cupcakes. Rest assured, your data is locked up tight and will never be shared with anyone else.

Unity in Diversity

We welcome all kinds of cosmic beings here! No matter your background, beliefs, or which planet you're from, we're all one big cosmic family. Let's celebrate our differences and sprinkle some stardust of inclusivity around!

Cosmic Limitations

As much as we'd love to grant all your wishes, Chloe's gotta stick to her super cool holistic guide powers. No medical or legal advice, sorry! But she'll always refer you to the right experts where we can.

Mutual Respect

We're all about building trust and good vibes here. Let's keep thing friendly and on track, this journey's about your growth!

Cosmic Reservations

Ready to embark on your one-on-one adventure? Head over to and choose your date, time, and session type. Book it like you're reserving a front-row seat for a cosmic concert!

Fashionably Late

Running fashionably late might be trendy on Earth, but in the cosmic realm, time's a bit different. So, please don't keep us waiting with bated breath. If you're super late or forget to show up, we might shed a tiny tear.

Cancellation Fiesta

Life happens, and we get it. If you need to reschedule or cancel, just give us a holler at least 48 hours before your session. You'll get a virtual high-five for being so considerate! Refunds aren't on offer but we'll explore rescheduling possibilities.

No-show Flow

In the gentle embrace of our cosmic connection, we kindly ask for understanding that missed appointments or no-shows are non-refundable, as we hold sacred space and commitment to your soul's journey.

Harmonious Happyness

We want you to leave the cosmic party feeling fabulous! If, by some mishap, you feel like the experience wasn't stellar, let us know within 48 hours. We'll do our best to make things right!

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