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Imbolc - The emerging from hibernation

Updated: Feb 5

You know the feeling when you are just waking, but not quite fully present?

This is the feeling of Imbolc (also known as Candlemas) - the emerging, the re-entering the world after hibernation of winter and waiting for the fresh spring energy to roll in. We are half between winter solstice and spring equinox, a time to bring life into seeds you have been planting. Not fully back into the world, but starting to take a few steps in that direction.

Around the 1st and 2nd February we arrive into the energy of emerging slowly out of wintering.

A gentle reminder to check in on what you have been planting over winter, what you have learned over the past few months and looking ahead towards spring.

How to celebrate Imbolc

  1. Host a candlelight dinner

  2. Set intentions for what you want to accomplish in the coming year

  3. Create authentic medieval fare such as roasted meats, hearty breads and old fashion desserts

  4. Connect to water, a cleansing swim or a soothing bath to wash away winter energy.

  5. Have a romantic dinner for two or a special dinner for a few of your favorite people

  6. Decorate a room or create an alter with candles in the evening

  7. Practice candle meditation or journal in your candle light

  8. Take a walk outside and enjoy the lengthening days and appreciate this period of rest for the earth and Mother Nature

Journaling ideas

  1. What you have learned and wisdom you wish to take into the year with you.

  2. What was your toughest challenge this winter?

  3. What is asking for nurturing and attention?

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