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Palo Santo Stick

Palo Santo Stick


Palo Santo Sticks 4".


These long-lasting Palo Santo sticks make perfect smudging tools. Used for centuries, Palo Santo is revered for its cleansing power that keeps bad energy at bay, places you in a rewarding headspace when meditating, and fills your space with tranquillity and blessings. Complement your spiritual journey with the power of Palo Santo and watch your mindfulness and positivity rise with the potent smoke.


Also an excellent natural alternative to warding off mosquitoes and other bugs.


How to use: Light a match; Hold the stick at 45 degrees angle to light; Keep it lit for 10-30 seconds. Shake the stick to blow out; Place it in a fireproof container.


100% REAL PALO SANTO - Cleanse, relax and meditate with Santo Palo sticks that are perfectly authentic — an untainted extension of nature.


SOURCED WITH RESPECT - The cleansing energy of Palo Santo comes from trees that have finished their life cycle.




    If you arent happy with your purchases we will happily refund your item once we have recieved the item back in the same condition it was posted to you.  Refunds within 14 days of purchase.


    Our Dragonfly Distribution centre is based in the UK 

    If you are ordering outside of the UK please pop us an email as there maybe custom charges or delays on your delivery

    We have a small Mermaid distribution centre in Portugal and where possible we can post your magical parcels form here if you are EU based.

    Orders can be collected on retreats 

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