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The Ultimate Love Affair: How Loving Yourself First Changes Everything

Updated: Apr 23

Why Self-Love Is the Key to a Happier, Healthier You: Unleashing the R.I.P.P.L.E

Ripple effect is strong and it kicks ass! How do you feel after you have done something nice for yourself? Good right? And does that have an effect on those you connect with after? HECK YEAH IT DOES. Don't you feel alive and elevated after going to yoga, having a walk, massage, meet up with friends, a silent cup of coffee in peace? Whatever it is that makes you feel good, do more!

What I am saying is, let go of the ingrained belief to feel guilty about doing things for the good of you. Because, basically you are benefiting those around you just as much. Get it now?

Before meditation became an absolute MUST in my daily routine, I used to practice once or twice a week, usually combining it with my own yoga practice. I could feel the difference when I hadn't taken the time for me and the interesting thing is, my husband, noticed too. He would, politely say, do you want to have some time to yourself today? (Which translates as, go do yoga and come back nicer). And I did, I came back to family life feeling energised, calmer and generally a nicer person to be around, so you see what I mean? STOP FEELING GUILTY about self care and self love, as it is not just you who feels the benefit!

Make a list of all the wonderful things, big and small that make you feel AMAZING. Now write down which one could be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc. Place your hand on your heart, smile, take a deep breath and repeat these words, 'I love you, I am listening and I promise to commit to self love and self care, as I am worth it'

Next, give yourself a compliment, yep, you heard me, what do you love about yourself? Got one? Now think of four more. Write them down and remind yourself every day. I imagine you are the kind of soul that gives the nicest words to those around you but forgets to give them to yourself - times they are a-changing!

Loving yourself is the most important love you can share - no more playing it cool and shy, dive in head first and LOVE LOVE LOVE you.

P.S. I love you and you are looking hot today!

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