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Celebrating Earth Day: Honouring Pachamama.

Updated: Apr 23

How many times has the sunset taken your breath away? How many times have the stars held your wishes?

April 22nd is Earth Day—but every day is Earth Day because this place we call home deserves to be honoured and celebrated every single day! How incredible that YOU chose to be here, on this planet, at this time. How amazing that you live on a planet which is both beautiful and varied.

Ways to Honor Pachamama:

  • Arrange a litter pick in your area to support our planet and meet new people. Reduce, reuse, and recycle—look at your habits with fresh eyes.

  • Plant a tree in your garden or support the planting of new trees in your local area.

  • Create an altar in your home or garden with wildflowers, a candle, and crystals, and take a moment to write a list of gratitude to Mother Earth (Pachamama).

  • Get outside today and take a breath or ten—how amazing to be able to breathe; thank you, Earth, for our breath.

Journal ideas:

  • Four gratitudes for our planet—one for each element: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

  • Ways you can help support our planet—small steps you can take now.

  • Write about all the places you have been and why you love them.

  • Where in the world will you adventure next?

I will leave you with this thought: We live on a spinning ball of rock and water that revolves around a giant ball of burning gas, in the middle of infinite space. Read that again! Puts things into perspective, eh?


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