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Equinox Energies: A Guide to Harmonising Your Life and Intentions!

Updated: Apr 23

As the equinox approaches, it brings with it a feeling that's hard to put into words—like the earth itself is taking a deep breath, readying for change. It doesn't matter if you're stepping into the bright beginnings of spring or the cozy retreat of fall; this time signals a fresh start, a moment when anything seems possible. For me, it's a deeply personal season of setting intentions, igniting aspirations, and visualising the future I yearn for.

This equinox, let's all gather—north, south, east, and west—to celebrate this beautiful balance of light and shadow. It's a chance to let go of what's been holding us back, to rise refreshed and attuned to the subtle shifts that signal new beginnings or gentle endings.

Creating a Sacred Space

I find solace and power in creating a little altar at this time—a spot in my home that honors the changing light. Lighting a candle there feels like a nod to the balance of day and night the equinox brings. I might place a few seasonal tokens around it—maybe flowers if spring is blooming, or leaves and seeds if autumn is whispering. This space becomes a focal point for reflection and gratitude.

And then, there's the simple magic of words. Jotting down an affirmation inspired by the energy of the equinox becomes a grounding ritual. It's a way to daily tether my dreams to reality, reminding me of the path I wish to walk.

Natures Lessons

There's something undeniably healing about stepping outside, under the vast sky, and simply being. It's a reminder that, like the earth, we too are part of a larger cycle of growth, rest, and renewal. Observing the signs of change in the natural world connects us back to ourselves, showing us the beauty of letting go and the promise of new growth.

Journaling for Clarity

The equinox, whether it ushers in warmth or coolness, acts as a mirror, asking us to reflect on our inner landscape. What do we want to bring into our lives? What is it time to let go of? Here are a few prompts to explore, no matter the season:

  • Spring - What new beginnings are calling to you?

  • Autumn - How can you clear out the old to make space for the new?

  • Where do you find balance, and where is it lacking?

  • Reflect on the past year—what have you learned, and how have you grown?

  • Looking ahead, what do you hope to manifest or release in the coming year?

As we greet the equinox, let's embrace the lessons and opportunities it brings. It's a time for both reflection and action, a reminder that life is a cycle of letting go and welcoming in, of endings and fresh starts.

So, here's to the equinox, to all of us, wherever we are in the world. Let's open our hearts to this moment of balance and transition, ready to sow or harvest the seeds of our deepest desires. Happy Equinox—may it be a beacon of hope and a testament to the beauty of change.

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