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Honouring Our Feminine Cycles

Every phase has its own energy - honour the chapter you are in, as it is precious in its own right

In many spiritual and cultural traditions, the journey of womanhood is often symbolized by the three traditional distinct phases: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. More recently, 2 new phases have been included, the Mage and Enchantress. Representing aspects of feminine power and wisdom that are inherent to all women, regardless of their life stage. They serve as archetypes through which women can explore and express different facets of their identity and potential, adding depth and richness to the broader tapestry of the feminine cycle. Each phase represents different stages of life, wisdom, and experience, encapsulating the essence of femininity in its entirety. Let's delve into the significance of each phase:


The Maiden phase represents youth, innocence, and the awakening of femininity. It is a time of exploration, discovery, and self-discovery. The Maiden is full of energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of wonder about the world. She is often associated with qualities such as independence, freedom, and creativity. This phase is marked by new beginnings, personal growth, and the pursuit of dreams and aspirations.


This transitioning phase from Maiden to Mother embodies allure, mystery, and the power of persuasion. She captivates others with her charisma and charm, drawing them into her sphere of influence. The Enchantress's energy doesn't have to tied to a specific age and can emerge when a woman embraces her femininity, confidence, and ability to navigate the subtleties of human interaction.


The Mother phase symbolizes fertility, nurturing, and creation. It is a time when a woman's focus shifts from herself to others, as she embraces the role of caregiver, protector, and nurturer. Whether she becomes a biological mother or not, the Mother embodies the qualities of compassion, empathy, and unconditional love. This phase is characterized by the joys and challenges of raising children, building relationships, and cultivating a sense of belonging and community.


The Mage embodies qualities of knowledge, mastery, and transformation. She delves into the mysteries of existence, seeking to understand and harness the forces of the universe. In this sense, the Mage's energy can manifest at any point in a woman's life when she explores her intellectual curiosity, develops her skills, and taps into her innate power to create change. Some believe this phase connects to a time around perimenopausal, just before you step into Crone.


The Crone phase represents wisdom, maturity, and the culmination of life's experiences. It is a time when a woman comes into her full power, embracing her inner strength, resilience, and wisdom. The Crone is a keeper of ancient knowledge, a guide, and a healer. She embodies the qualities of wisdom, intuition, and acceptance. This phase is marked by a deep connection to nature, spirituality, and the cycles of life and death.

  • Which phase do you connect to in this moment?

  • How can you honour and celebrate this phase even more?

  • How can you reclaim your inner wisdom and trust the cycles of life?

Each phase of womanhood is valuable and meaningful in its own right, contributing to the richness and diversity of human experience. By embracing and honoring the Maiden, Mother, Crone, Mage and Enchantress within ourselves and others, we can gain a deeper understanding of the sacred journey of womanhood and celebrate the beauty and complexity of being a woman.


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