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New Moon Manifestations: Embracing Darkness to Illuminate Your Desires and Dreams

Updated: Apr 25

During the New Moon, the Earth shadows the moon from the light of the sun, and for a few hours, the moon appears dark. It is a monthly reminder to connect to your heart, your passions, your dreams, and desires, and manifest. Ask yourself what you want and where you want to be. During this darkness, the moon asks us to travel deep into ourselves, deep into our own light, inner knowing, and soul. What are you craving? Where do you want your journey to go? How do you want to feel? What makes your heart sing? This is the time to manifest and bring energy to your feelings and dreams. You are asking your soul to step up and shine into the darkness. For me, the best way to manifest is to start with a feeling. How do you want to feel? Then, ask yourself, what would make me feel this way? Next, what steps or actions can I take to make this happen? Now you can write your manifestation. 

How to Manifest

Begin by relaxing your body and mind, with yoga, breathing, meditation, or simply by thinking about what you are grateful for. Once you feel ready and focused, start with a feeling or an idea, then begin to write. Writing gives manifestation power and energy, to see your words in black and white, and don't hold back. Be clear, be descriptive, and as you write, feel it, connect to it, smell it. Write it as if it has happened, i.e., 'I am happy' rather than 'I want to be happy'.

Finally, commit - commit to connecting to your words every day. Daily action is important to giving your dreams power and keeping the vibration high. Always manifest with the best and highest intention for you and all involved, and repeat your manifestations as often as you can, out loud or in your head.

New Moon blessings,

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