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School Holiday Sanity Savers: Balancing Tips for Busy Moms

Updated: Jun 29

Arriving into summer holidays, wanting to be the best mum and being a kick-ass goddess running my business while also being a wonderful wife, lovely friend, brilliant big sister, good daughter, and looking after myself...phew, I'm exhausted just writing this!

A few years ago, I really struggled with balancing life, family, my time, and work. I had the 'guilt.' Quite often, my amazing husband would say something like, "Do you want some time for meditation or yoga?" aka "go and have some time out!!" He knew me so well, and after I had my time out, I came back a much calmer, happier human.

But how do we get the balance right?

Every day is different, and all we can do is try our best. Some days I get it right, and other days it doesn't go to plan. But what we can do is accept it all for what it is and go with it. The bad days will pass, the crazy hectic days will pass, just like the slow sleepy days will pass too.

Here are some ways I juggle my mum life:

1. Family Meetings

Sit down with your tribe and share your ideas about what you all want to do through the summer holidays—we also do this when we have a day off. Everyone gets to share their ideas and thoughts. We then make a rough plan on how we can incorporate all the ideas through the day or week (or three months school holidays if you live in Portugal!).

2. Personal Time

I make sure that as well as activities and outings, we also all have time for ourselves. For me, I get up early, meditate, and then go for a hike. This sets me up for the day ahead.

3. Ripple Effect

The ripple effect is real—happy you, happy people around you. Taking time for you benefits you but also has this amazing effect on everyone else. Let go of the guilt because you are actually helping other people by taking time out.

4. Breathe

It sounds daft, but taking five slow breaths is a winner for everyone. Then carry on again.

5. Pick Your Battles

Our eldest son (nearly 12 years old) finished school here in mid-June, which doesn't work so well when I work from home. The first few days, I tried to juggle doing things with him, fitting work in, and not letting him be on a screen all day. Both of us were getting frustrated. My husband said after four days, "Pick your battles." It isn't the end of the world if one day he gets screens all day so you can catch up and get work done. He is happy, I am happy, everyone wins. I still feel the screen guilt, but in the grand scheme of it all, I am letting it go. We sat down and agreed on time limits, and now he is happy too.

6. Say No

It's okay to say no to invites, plans, and expectations. If we aren't careful, we wear ourselves out by people-pleasing.

7. Say Yes to Fun

Say yes to the fun stuff and things that light you up. My mission this summer is to have some big adventures in new places—my boys won't be little forever.

8. Meditate

You might be rolling your eyes here, but trust me. Meditation isn't something you might feel the benefit from instantly, but over time you invite a deep sense of calm and feel as though you can respond rather than react. Try my meditations on Insight Timer.

I'm no expert, but I'm doing my best to juggle it all, and sometimes I laugh at how much I'd love someone to put me in time out...can I take a month?

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