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Unlocking the Healing Power of Reiki

Updated: Feb 5

Journey with me Beyond Physical Ailments to Energetic Balance

Reiki is universal intuitive energy that is channeled through the healer to you. It works purely for the best and highest interest for the person and connects to physical, energetic and emotional imbalances.

Physical dis-ease is usually a result of an energetic imbalance, trauma, emotion or stress. Yes sometimes we know directly what has caused a pain, illness or injury, but do we ever question how has something happened to us, when we don’t know the cause? All of a sudden our back hurts, knee, shoulder, digestive issues, panic attacks, insomnia, depression…yes some can be down to age, wear and tear, but what if it wasn’t? What if the cause was due to a past stress, trauma or energetic imbalance? We call these Samskaras.

As an energy healer, over the past 20 years working and training with energy, I have found slowly my clients want support with the stress of living modern life, but is this always the cause of the issue? Clients will come to me to help with stress, pain, injuries to mention only a few and more often we have to travel back in time, either to address a childhood trauma, or back further to previous lives. Through out many different lives on this earth we can carry cords of energy, some are positive yet some can negatively impact our life now. In the case of past lives I will be guided to go back to a trauma or energy block to heal where this began, to heal and lessen the symptom the client is receiving now in this life.

You can support yourself with regular mediations, as this allows your mind to connect to your subconscious and you may be guided to an energy block. It’s all about lifting the vibrations, the food we eat, the drink we consume, the people we spend time with, our every day thoughts, it’s all connected, its all energy and effects us more than we realise.

I would also like to add, every single persons lives are different and it is not always the case that an energetic imbalance has resulted in the physical symptom, however, from my experience, the symptoms can always be supported with energetic healing.

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